Friday, November 13, 2009

One hot toddy in....

And after an day with the in-laws and the adorable nieces, I'm wiped out. My head cold continues to rage and I am tired. So I'm phoning it in. Again. So sue me. At least I'm posting everyday. And it's something interesting. Kind of.

Anyways, here's a youtube video to tide you over until I have a coherent thought:

BEYONCE! She's not just for the grown-ups! The babies love her too! For real. Benevolent Dictator also digs the hell out of this song and likes to dance around to it too. But I think it's also the memory of when she was a wee baby, how I would pick her up and swing her around while the song played on my computer.

Poor Jeff. He's outnumbered. Not only in gender, but also in music taste.

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