Thursday, November 12, 2009

Five questions!

So, the lovely domestic goddess, bookworm and overall wit Genevieve, offered to ask people five questions on her livejournal and I signed up for the deal. She gave me five questions and now I'm going to answer them! What fun!

If you want the same, comment and I'll get something to you!

1. Candyland or Chutes&Ladders. DEFEND.

Look, I know that Chutes and Ladders is all about teaching manners to a bunch of knee-high sociopaths, but seriously, the game never made sense to me. The whole point of a ladder is to get to the chute and the fun of sliding down. Candyland is a problem because it basically creates the whole thing of candy/sugar=GOOD TIMES. But it also has the advantage of teaching color recognition and matching.

But in all honesty, I gotta give it to Candyland. Because THE CHUTES/SLIDES ARE THE WHOLE POINT OF GOING UP THE LADDER. One should not be penalized by doing something fun! If it was the other way around, that would make more sense to me. But that's not how the game works.

2. What is one look within fashion you wish you had the chutzpah to carry off?

I do wish I could pull off the vintage '60s fashion like on Mad Men. I like how fitted the dresses are to flatter the figure and how polished everyone looks. I love that people CARED about how they looked and put some thought into everything -- from the little hats down to the shoes and accessories.

However, I don't do discomfort well. Jeff has said he doesn't like how I look in girdles and corsets (which give you the figure) because of how uncomfortable I look. And whenever I've tried on dresses with that look, I look utterly silly -- the prints make me look like a couch coming at you and the skirts make it look like I'm smuggling midgets under there.

3. What was the most exhilarating moment you have experienced so far as a parent?

It's hard to say. I think the one that sticks in my head is seeing my daughter jump for the first time. I think it's because she jumped later than other kids around her age and I thought that would be something she'd get right away (she LOVES to run, climb and get into trouble). So when she jumped for the first time, it took my breath away. It was totally unexpected and the look on her face and the cry of, "LOOK! MOMMA! I JUMP!" made me so happy. The girl only jumped maybe half an inch, but I swear, it was like she touched the sky.

4. What is the best book you have read in the last two years?

Damn. That is a tough call because I have to remember all the books I've read these past two years. Especially when I was breastfeeding BD, I'd be reading two books at a time -- one in the room while she was nursed to sleep and then one in the bedroom.

Right now I will have to say that I loved Julia Child's book, "My Life in Paris." She had a certain wit to her writing and her description of post-war Paris and the food made me want to move there right now. That was also an amazing book to read about the drive she had to get a cookbook done RIGHT and published. I came out of it having more respect for how driven she was and how she achieved her goal later in life.
I also loved her description of her and Paul's marriage. I think her marriage and Calvin and Alice Trillin's are the two marriages that I would like my marriage to be.

5. Who would you really want to interview? (All Proust's questionnaire style and stuff)

Living? Russ Feingold. I actually met him once for my job and I didn't have enough time to really do a long interview, but it was amazing meeting the man. He's got my undying devotion because he voted against the Patriot Act when everyone was like, "IF YOU DON'T VOTE FOR THIS, YOU SUPPORT TERRORISM!"

Dead? Teddy Roosevelt. I think he'd have a lot of fun things to talk about and be very well learned on a variety of subjects.

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