Saturday, November 14, 2009

Being the Center of the Universe is a tough gig.

Recently, a cold has been raging through Casa Del Navel Gazer. It hit me on Tuesday night and is now raging through our house like a wildfire. It's hit Benevolent Dictator hard and, as a result, she's been demanding more of me, which doesn't help since I've been sleeping like shit and wanting nothing more than to lay down, sleep in and maybe have someone rip my throat out and replace it with something that doesn't fill up with phlegm.

Because she hasn't been sleeping well, she's been moody. Insanely moody. Like a little insane drunk meth addict who is acting like Alexis Carrington in a really bad off-Broadway play moody. The only way to ease the pain of today (which was a lot of screaming, crying, clinging and wailing) was about three hours of TV. Starting with a Wallace and Gromit marathon and ending with Mythbusters. There was some dinner in between, which made things easier. Not to mention the fact that she decided it would be fun to ride in the car with her dad to get the food. Which allowed me a few minutes to myself.

The funny thing is that I didn't mind it when she demanded the snuggles. I remember when she was an infant how I wanted my arm free to do something or just to be free to walk around and DO SOMETHING. But now that she can move and run and doesn't like a snuggle, unless it leads to being tossed around like a sack of potatoes or held upside down, this was a rare moment. Feeling her heavy weight on me as her hands kneaded my arm brought me back to those moments when I could hold her close whenever I wanted. It was a sweet feeling to hear her breathe as she dozed and just how relaxed her body was.

However, I would like my little nutball to get better. Seeing her like this isn't fun. While the snuggling is nice, I do miss my little explorer.

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