Sunday, November 15, 2009

I have to credit my friend Heather

For saving my ass with this little gem:

Which basically describes the joy of a newborn and diapers. Actually, I suspect I can hear many mothers laughing hysterically at this commercial.

The illness continues to ravage our house and Benevolent Dictator has been demanding my attention and snuggles. She's had a fever as high as 104, which resulted in a visit to Urgent Care, where she rejected the idea of wearing a face mask. Lucky it's not H1N1, but it's a virus that needs to work its way out.

It's been rougher. She's crabbier and not willing to have me cut her nails, or take her temperature. Not to mention, I've seen more kids programming than I care to admit. Send me some good vibes folks. Or at least some healing vibes.

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