Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Belated Decermberween!

Merry Belated Christmas/Winterfest/whatever to all of you!

So yeah, we had a great time trekking back to Milwaukee with an overstuffed Outback and a cranky little girl (on the way to Milwaukee it was literally a one woman, off-Broadway show called "WHY IT IS SO HARD TO BE SO SMALL" with a special 45-minute section called "My Mom is Evil Because She Won't Let Me Out of this Carseat While the Car is Doing 50 on an Icy Highway").

It was a grand time with the in-laws and family. We had a great time watching very short people run around and play all sorts of games, dress in fairy costumes and chase a dog around while having many cocktails and eating nummy food.

As the years pass, I'm enjoying Christmas more and more, not for the presents (but they sometimes are icing on the cake), but for the company. I really enjoy the company of my in-laws and my family (especially my sister -- whose recent move to Rochester has made it harder to see her) and watching the little ones play and get crazy excited about Christmas. And it's nice to know that that my youngest niece can hold her own against Benevolent Dictator.

But yeah, this year's presents were definitely the sweetest icing on the cake. My sister got me Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's Kali perfume and this Gelaskin. Oh, and we have the newest member of our family:

Hiya Beautiful.

I am now convinced that the Fates have given me a better husband than I deserve some days.

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