Monday, November 24, 2008

Monthly report: 17th month -- A mutual understanding

Dear Benevolent Dictator --

Unlike the previous two reports, which were kind of depressing, I will admit, this report is a little lighter in tone.

Maybe it's because we've reached an understanding. Or maybe it's that I've finally understood that you don't want to be treated like a little baby anymore (GAH!). Or maybe it's because I've gotten through the fall doldrums. In any case, things seems to be a little easier.

It could be related to the fact that you are talking more. You say the following: car, vrrooom, cat, DOGGIE!, cook, shower, chop, sit, chair, help, please, more, done, NO!, Jenna, Ally, grandma, grandpa, Po Po, Nai Nai, Elliott, Maddie, Mumma, Dada, breast, nipple, tummy, shower, bath, down, up, cup, eye, mouth, nose, bugger, stop, Totoro, cow, sheep, turtle and a host of other words I can't remember off the top of my head. It may not be major discourses on the state of the world today, but it's enough to get around. Admittedly what you know now is more than what I know in Chinese, so I think we're about even.

You're also very, very active. Now you're navigating the stairs like an adult (with a little help from holding our hands). You're also climbing on everything (which induces heart attacks daily), walking backwards and running around. AND YOU'RE DANCING! Which is fun! You do a little marching stomp-stomp-twirl thing that finishes up with a fall on the floor.

You're also turning into Mommy's little helper. First thing in the morning, you come downstairs, rip the towels off of their post on the oven and start wiping the floor up. You've also begun grabbing the broom and sweeping the floor and carpet as well as wanting to push the vacuum cleaner around. This is good. You're learning the importance of earning your keep.

However, this month I'm starting to see a more impatient, cranky streak in you. The hitting you've done to me is now extending to other kids. Which. Isn't. Cool. The last playgroup we were at you smacked a girl in the face with a foot massager, pushed another kid and I think hit me in the face with something. And then you get this passive, serious face like "What? I didn't do anything."

My dear, you need to learn some manners. We don't hit people. We flame them online and destroy them with a well timed word. I suppose learning a good punch isn't a bad thing either, but really, you need to choose your enemies better. Going after the people who control your bedtime, mealtime and future allowances is NOT a good idea. One to know for the future love.



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