Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy 1000th post!

Holy shit! Can you believe it? I've hit the 1000th marker with my blog! Woot!

Now, because *ahem* five of you voted in my little lame poll, here it is: The NO PANTS PARTY!

No. You're not going to see my fat ass on this blog with no pants. But I did find some choice tidbits from Youtube for you:

Of course, you gotta start with Marky Mark!

And for a true no pants party, there's always Jimmy Eat World!

Then we go way back for the pantsless Donald Duck (can anyone explain why he's got a shirt by no pants?)

And there's always Will Ferrell in his underwear:

So yeah! Take off your pants and celebrate! This blog made it to it's 1,000th post! Through milestones like Benevolent Dictator, job changes, my muse wandering off, stupid news stories, elections and other stuff that makes me froth at the mouth like a rabid Badger! Thank you everyone for reading this (even if you stumbled on me via a "asian navel fetish" search)!


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K. said...

Happy bloggerversary!