Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving! OM NOM NOM!

Happy Turkey Day everyone! I hope that ya'll had a good holiday with friends, family and other loved ones. Not to mention eating a lot of good food. We had another enjoyable holiday with family, Erich and Ben. Not to mention, Miss Benevolent Dictator was a great hostess, playing and talking with people. She even got to sit in on a couple games of domino with her daddy.

Anyways, I missed the Macy's parade, but was amused to see that the nation got a massive Rickroll:

I wonder how many people got the joke.

Anyways, here's a little list of everything that I'm thankful for this year. It might be a bit of a laundry list, but that's how we do around here.

Jeff for having the patience, love and kindness to deal with me. Benevolent Dictator's giggles, chatting skills and overall adorableness mixed with determination and feistiness. Mom and Grandma for helping me when I need a break from the wee one. Stella for being the best sister ever. Dan for his odd geekiness at times. Elliott's never ending curiousity. Maddie's bear hugs. My in-laws for being great people -- especially my mother-in-law, who's become a good friend. Sleeping in until 9 a.m. Afternoon naps. Hot cups of coffee. A new laptop! NKOTB's reunion and for helping me connect with friends thanks to their concert. U2 coming out with a new album. Snarkfest and the kind posters there. Our neighbors and their kids for making us feel like we're part of the neighborhood. Shinji Muramoto's restaurants. Food on a stick. A well prepared cocktail. David Bacco's bacon chocolates. Keidra for being my friend for more than a decade. Sunny days. Warm boots. Stylish hats. Friends for making me laugh and listening to my neurosis. Lip gloss. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. Hearing from other parents that Benevolent Dictator's behavior is prefectly normal. Our friends (too numerous to mention) for accepting Benevolent Dictator and making her feel welcome to the geeky pack. Cleolinda's livejournal. A well prepared meal. Having time to cook. Peaceful nights. A good glass of red wine. Afternoon delights. A new president and administration. Change. Chaos. Laughter. Life. Dancing to any song. Hugs from a wee one. Kisses. The whole damn thing kit and kaboodle.

Whew. That's about all I can think of right now. There's probably more that's out there, but rest assured. While you might not be named here, you're still appreciated.

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