Friday, February 29, 2008

Odds, ends and out of sorts

1. When I said Benevolent Dictator was teething, I wasn't kidding. I feel terrible for the kid -- she's gotten a bit clingier during the day and at for the past few nights she's gotten up screaming in pain. and requiring us to rock her to sleep. Thank heavens for Orajel. It does seem to help. She's still being a good kid, so no selling to the gypsies yet.

2. Big thanks to K. for helping me with a freelance article I finally submitted. I have to say that it's nice having a writing coach who can be absolutely honest with you. And give you a great idea for a lead by pure serendipity.

3. Am feeling out of sorts this past week. I've been feeling like a clingy howler monkey at times, which sucks ass for everyone (because, as everyone knows, if Mama ain't happy -- no one is happy). I know how to remedy it and why I'm doing it, so it's now just a matter of getting my arse in gear. I also blame winter because really, not being able to go out blows ass.

4. Oh yeah: WINTER? BITE ME! While it's nice to have broken a record -- can we have spring now? Please?

5. I'm currently disturbed by the fact that yesterday (while BD was with Po Po and Lao Nai Nai), she showed great interested in a photo of John Mayer on this month's cover of Best Life magazine. This does not bode well for our musical future.


K. said...

Very happy to help! And yes, winter can officially kiss my black ass.

Heather said...

You know, 2 years ago I recall an Eff March dinner with the girls, and perhaps another March Sucks party/dinner/whatevs is in order?