Sunday, February 24, 2008

Some people may see a 40-foot Bono in their face as a nightmare....

For me, it was great fun.

Last Friday my friend Em and I went to check out U23D -- which appears to be a Scrabble game board throwing up, but is really a U2 concert film in 3D. We weren't quite sure what to expect, but the thought of a 40-foot Bono reaching out to Em was a definite bonus, so why not go?

Admittedly it was a little weird -- I mean, you're watching a concert in a movie theater, so even though you want to jump around, sing and dance (which is normal at a concert), you couldn't. Movie etiquette dictates otherwise, which kinda sucked. But I think that everyone around us forgave the occasional burst of applause or me singing along with the songs.

Anyways, it was a really good concert film. I've now seen the How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb tour three times (will be four soon) -- once in Chicago, once in Milwaukee and now on the big screen. I have to hand it to the directors for creating a concert film that's interesting to watch and uses the 3D technology quite well.

My favorite shots were the long ones where you saw the stage, the band and even the crowds. Not only was the band in 3D, but on occasion, you'd see an audience member pop out at the bottom of the screen. Other favorites was the use of graphics for "The Fly" (which came straight out of the Zoo TV tour) and the bridge in "Love and Peace or Else." It was visually interesting and brought something more than just the "shot of Bono, followed by Edge, Larry and Adam, then a long shot of the stage, then shot of the audience" formula.

My only complaint? The movie's a little short. The concert itself is a little more than two hours and this movie's only 90 minutes. It also appears to be a U2's Greatest Hits collection and ignores a bulk of the songs on the tour. I wanted to see "City of Blinding Lights" or "Elevation" instead of the usual hoary chestnuts. Em and I agreed we could've sat there for all night. So we're going again. Yes, I am a fangirl. Besides, for $15, it was probably the best view of the band for a bargain price. And who can resist a 40-foot Edge? I can't.

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Abby said...

^_^ I saw the poster when I went to see Spiderwick Chronicles and forgot to mention it but figured you already knew. I want to see it too, but I bet I'll forget. :p