Thursday, August 31, 2006

Your witty VMA title here for a small fee

Sarah Silverman is still getting her makeup on? WTF? Are they applying Spackle or something?

She says something about how doing drugs makes you less creative. There's a tape of her doing a joint with the crew and there's a naked pyramid. I think it's supposed to be funny.

They show the winners of Best Direction, Best Special Effects (go Missy Elliott!) and then Shitty Diddy comes on. He thanks them for making Danity Kane #1. Now if they actually released the single Sleep on It, I might like them a little more, instead of just liking the show and thinking some of the songs are ass.

T.I. comes out with some other dude. I continue to feel old because I have no idea who the fuck T.I. and his people are. I just know T.I. should pull his pants up.

Suddenly a bunch of kids come out from the bottom of the stage to dance and sing the chorus. The pretentiousness level of the awards show is upgraded to orange. The crowd eats the shit up.

Jack Black is on again and he introduces Jared Leto and her gothy highness Amy Lee. Jared Leto looks like some sort of goth poet who I want to hit. Jared talks about having sex with three, four, five women for the best group video. I roll my eyes as the obvious cheese.

GNARLS BARKLEY BETTER WIN FOR BEST GROUP AWARD DAMMIT! Shit. All American Rejects win. I think that they're sipping whatever Pink was drinking. The lead singer looks sloshed, girls are going nuts.

"We're standing in front of a thousand people?" the lead singer asks. The moonman drops and the flag breaks off. They're drunkety, drunk, drunk, drunk.

YAY! More Ranconteurs! Which means it's time for commercials.

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K. said...

Sleep on it! Sleep on it! And I''ll get back atcha when I wanna!

I'm sorry; I'm obsessed with Making the Band/Danity Kane (it smells like horse!)

Her Gothy Highness. Heh!!!