Thursday, August 31, 2006

Which is worse? Boring or irritating?

So I'm thinking right now...which is worse -- to be boring or irritating? I'm not sure why I'm thinking that...

And we're back to the VMAs!

John Norris' hair continues to scare the living shit out of me. He urges people to check out the MTV Web site which has a bazillion cameras streaming online. Now you can catch the boredom in 500 different angles!

And there's more The Ranconteurs! I wish I could hear them play, instead of American All Rejects.

Pictures of people are shown online. That's what happens when you send your picture -- it goes up as part of set decoration. Whee.

Snoop Dogg comes out for Best Rap Video. He's drinking, and now, I wish I was too. He talks about feeling old after seeing some of the new kids. I see Kelis in the audience. HI BOSSY! Snoop Dogg talks about wanting a joint. I'm surprised he's not lighting up right now.

The winner is Chamillionaire. I have no idea who he is. Ice-T and his wife's boobs congratulate him. I now feel really, really old. Chamillionaire talks about having his interview with 2020 being cancelled. Apparently this award makes up for it. I suppress the urge to make some smartass comments.

Beyonce is on now to sirens! She comes rappelling down like pre-crazy Tom Cruise singing her song Ring the Alarm. Jack booted thugs come out and try and restrain her as she sings about how she's pissed the man that dumped her has found another.

I think that I could like the song if it wasn't about wailing about how she couldn't get over some guy. How many times have we heard songs like that before? The "IF YOU LEAVE ME I'LL CUT YOU" songs?

Beyonce does some Rhythm Nation dancing with her backup crew. They're all dressed in trench coats, and black body suits. It's kinda neat, but the song just irritates me that much. The stage rises and Beyonce continues to have a convulsion about how she "can't let you go."

Girl. Eat some ice cream, call your friends and have a good bitch. You'll feel better. Seriously.

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