Thursday, August 31, 2006

What the fuck is up with John Norris' hair?

Another year, another VMA and this time I'm thinking about doing the same thing I did last year, where I did a live recap of the entire debacle.

This year, they're back in NYC and Jack Black is hosting. I'm really hoping that Jack will take the piss out of the entire affair, but we'll see. I really didn't pay much attention to the nominees, because well, I didn't see them because MTV DOESN'T PLAY VIDEOS ANYMORE.

Not that I'm bitter or anything.

Right now, I'm just kind of watching the pre-show, where John Norris has this weird-ass badly-dyed blond forward hair sweep thing going on. They've reanimated Kurt Loder and Sway's wearing his stupid knit cap (WTF is up with that? I mean, it's a formal event. Look like you care dammit! Street cred means nothing right now).

The opening act is My Chemical Romance, which has without a doubt one of the most pretentious performances I've ever seen. They're on the roof of a building, wearing old-time soldier uniforms and there's a children's chorus (the NUMBER 1 sign of pretentiousness) dressed like Day of the Dead paradegoers. It's all so pretentious and gawthy that it's funny.

Anyways, expect to see more ranting and more hollering about how music sucks now, how videos suck now and when I was young, we didn't have bling-tastic bullshit like this.

Grab a seat. If you don't want to watch the VMAs, read about them!

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