Thursday, August 31, 2006

Wow. I'm post-a-riffic today:

Maybe it's warm-ups for tonight's VMAs (I'm striving to do a repeat of last year's live recap of the entire train wreck. Here's hoping that Jack Black doesn't suck as a host), but I wanted to do this meme from Michelle:

I've picked a letter of the alphabet and I will list 10 songs starting with that letter, with the artists name as well. Then I will tag peoples with a chosen letter to do the same...they are then to tag people with a specific letter and so on and so on until we've covered every single song in the history of mankind. (a girl has to have a few lofty goals).

She hit me with the letter R, so here goes:

1. Rock DJ, Robbie Williams
2. Running to Stand Still, U2
3. Ring of Fire, Johnny Cash
4. Red Rain, Peter Gabriel
5. Right Here, Right Now, Beastie Boys
6. Runaway, Del Shannon
7. Ringfinger, NIN
8. Rich Girl, Gwen Stefani
9. Rape Me, Nirvana
10. Rain, Madonna

I'm gonna hit Erich with the letter K and I think Amanda with the letter P.

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