Thursday, August 03, 2006

Cue Lewis Black-like frothing angry rant....

This summer, I've lost all taste in music. Justin Timberlake's Sexyback? Love it. Nelly Furtado's Promiscious? Downloaded onto my iPod.

However, my taste in music hasn't sunk to the depths of liking Paris Hilton's new single "Stars are Blind." It's an ass single -- the reggae beat is something that you can find on a Casio demo and Paris' voice is obviously the best that money can buy (because they didn't sink the money into an original beat). But what really pisses me off is the lyrics:

I can make you nice and naughty
Be the devil and angel too
Got a heart and soul and body
Let's see what this love can do
Baby I'm perfect for you

I'm so not linking to the video or the lyrics because I refuse to have that heifer get hits and refers from me.

Anyways, I was talking with Keidra the other night about this video. "It's like that's the kind of song a 15-year-old plays when they're thinking about their boyfriend and masturbating to the fantasy of them married and on their honeymoon," I said.

What pisses me off is how this heiress -- who's got paparazzi photos of her cooter floating around and a sex tape -- is acting all coy and cutesey with her sexuality. It's the innocent coy thing that says, "I don't know about this, I'm a girl tee hee!" thing that fucks a woman up because she doesn't want to use birth control/get tested/take precautions because she want to look innocent.

The entire song is that coy/cute thing -- the video has Paris cavorting on the beach in a Wicked Game/Beach Blanket Bingo ripoff. For fuck's sake -- if you're going to be toying around with sex (which can kill you if you don't play it smart), be a little more savvy dammit.

It's bullshit. That's the kind of thing that you do when you start discovering your sexuality and are exploring things -- that's not the thing that women should be embracing as we become sexual beings. The worst thing is that this can hurt a woman because we're talking about our sexual health.

The worst part is that on the other end of the spectrum is Pussycat Dolls and their stripper culture thing. Check out the lyrics for Don't Cha:

Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?
Don't cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?
Don't cha wish your girlfriend was raw like me?
Don't cha wish your girlfriend was fun like me?

In other words -- a woman can only be one of two things: Either cute and innocent or a sexual hellcat. Whatever happened to the happy medium?

What bothers me is the fact that the people consuming this -- grown-ups and young women -- suck these images down, embrace them and emulate them. I'm hoping that people are smarter than that. I'm hoping that people know to take these images, disassemble them and use them for their own means. But I don't know. I just wish that there was a happy medium -- not the virgin, not the whore, but a woman who enjoys having sex.


Anonymous said...

Shakira is a happy medium. My Hips Don't Lie is (I think) full of healthy sexuality.


Faith said...

Glory, glory hallelujah! Her truth is marching OOOONN...!!!

(but yeah, I'm with you on liking that Nelly Furtado song on the D.L.)