Sunday, July 30, 2006

My boogie snickle snickle! Toute suite, come on!

Nothin' phallic here. Nothing at all. *whistles innocently*

After missing opening weekend and other weeks due to the larp, I finally got to see Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Electric Boogaloo Dead Man's Chest.

It's alright. Not jaw-dropping orgasmic frenzy of movie love, but pretty damn good. I think that the reason why the first movie enchanted people was because we never saw anything like that -- we didn't know about Johnny Depp mincing around with a run that looks like a little girl. And that was part of the magic. Actually, it was the magic, the more I think about it.

Now it's like we're expecting that same spark again, after seeing the trick. The magic's gone out of it. Captain Jack Sparrow's entrance, while cool, lacked the same magic of the first movie. So to make up for the fact that we all know the joke, they've amped up the volume -- there's more special effects, more double crossing and more pirates. In short -- the movie was Bruckenheimered.

I can't complain too much about it. I mean, it's not X3 for pete's sake. It's just that the fighting was a bit long, the double-triple-quadruple crossing was a bit much and now it appears that the second movie is setting up for some stupid love-triangle-angsty thing that makes me go *bleaugh*.

But there were good points -- the hamster ball of cannibal death and the hamster wheel of swordfighting fun are two that come to mind. I did enjoy the voodoo queen and the undead monkey. Forget diamonds. Nothing says forever like an undead monkey.


K. said...

Team Norrigton!

Viv said...

Here's the weird thing. I thought I'd be all over Team Scruffington, but I wasn't. Didn't feel a damn thing. Strange that.

K. said...

Wow, really? Because I totally felt it, and I didn't expect to!

Viv said...

Didn't. Which is weird. I totally expected me to go for it, but I didn't for some reason. Maybe it's because I thought I would, given the pictures and the hype, but it didn't work. Can't force attraction I guess *shrug*

Amanda said...

I am the CAPTAIN of Team Scruffington.

Word on the emo-angsty-triangle-whatever. The movie should have just been 150 minutes of the Jack Sparrow Flailing Run.