Thursday, August 31, 2006

2006 VMAs: Send alcohol now!

Mmmm. Ranconteurs. Why can I picture them in a seedy bar and rocking the joint?

Jack Black suggests that he and Jack White start a band together. "What do you think Jack White?"

Jack White: *shrug*

They got to Britney Spears and Kevin Federline. Britney looks very, very pregnant and the black hair doesn't really suit her at all. However, she's not dressed like a crazy trailer-trash Jerry Springer reject, which is refreshing. Kevin still looks scuzzy. The do a tongue-in-cheek thing about losing the baby.

"Ladies and gentlemen, don't panic! A midget has stolen a mini car from Britney Spears," snarks Jack Black. Hehe.

Beyonce wins a Moonman for Check on It. She's actually wearing an outfit that looks kinda cute. Means that her mom's not dressing her.

Kanye comes out to present the Video Vanguard Award to Hype Williams. I can't hate on Hype. He's defined a certain style, which -- love it or hate it -- is instantly recognizable, from the letterbox to the blingtastic style.

My personal favorite Hype video? California Love. Somehow the Road Warrior concept became cool instead of cheesy. But Missy Elliott's video The Rain is also pretty fly.

Dancers come out reenacting Busta's Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See (also a good video). Missy's on for The Rain, dressed in the overinflated suit, driving a little jeep (which I suspect she stole from Brit) and looking like the video.

Hype comes out, with a model who looks like a 7-foot tall Amazon. Hype thanks everyone, he looks slick in a suit and thanks everyone. I can't hate on the man, he created a style that's often copied.

HOLY SHIT! Sarah Silverman's done with her makeup. They play the Paris Hilton song again. My brain cells die slowly. Silverman jokes that Paris Hilton needs to lose weight. Wow. That's awful. I know she's being sarcastic, but it's just kinda stupid.

However, her pot shot against Paris and Nicole making up on Letterman this fall was kind of funny.

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K. said...

Did Jack White really just shrug? That is awesome. I love him.