Thursday, August 31, 2006

2006 VMAs: Longer than the Bataan Death March

And we're back. Xtina is on, dressed in a smokin' red dress and singing some soulful ballad song. The girl's got pipes of doom, I have to say. I also like the new look. Like the ladies at Go Fug Yourself, I also "bask in the glow of Jordan Bratman's style-healing wang."

Jack Black is back! He introduces Lou Reed and Pink. I can't help but wonder who's more drunk/stoned in this pairing. Pink sings a little bit of "Dear Mr. President" It would've been cooler if she wailed out the whole thing. Lou Reed confesses his love for Pink and how he'd love it if MTV would play more rock. You and me both Lou.

AFI wins Best Rock Video for Miss Murder. I continue to feel old. Who the hell are AFT and why do they wear more makeup than I EVER have?

And I think you're not a rock band if you're thanking your attorney.

Yay! Raconteurs with the dude from ZZ Top. They rock. It sounds dirty and good. And they cut to commercial to deny me my happiness.

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