Thursday, August 31, 2006

2006 VMAs: So close to the end.

And we're back just as The Raconteurs finish up. Just my fucking luck.

Jack Black introduces Black Eyed Peas, with Kyle G. Yay Kyle! The rappers give shout-outs and it gets stupid. Kyle muscles his way to the podium and said he joined Black Eyed Peas "I guess I'm more famous than you."

Jack goes running offstage crying. Justin Timberlake is making a shelf "with a little hook for your keys" and Jack Black kicks him out (which actually makes me laugh). After Jack's temper tantrum, Kyle comes in and they hug and make up. Awww. It's sweet and funny.

Now Tenacious D is onstage singing about friendship and thunder. Half the lyrics you can't hear because they're bleeped out. But Tenacious D still rocks. You can't hate a group who has the song "Fuck her Gently."

Jack introduces the cast of Jackass. Mercifully they're not naked. But I'm fairly certain there will be ball punching. Unless there was a last minute voting blitz, it looks like Fall Out Boy will win. I was right. Wee man punched Bam in the balls for calling him a midget.

Fall Out Boy wins "We're going down tuuuu in a luleelurah!". Wacky hijinks and ball punching ensues.

Now it's Queen Latifah, who gives a speech about the environment, and in the WTF moment of the night, Al Gore shows up. If he does stand-up comedy my brain will explode. He does a joke about being the sexy in bringing the sexyback.

He looks more relaxed and cool. What happened to this guy? Why didn't he run for president instead of the Gorebot 2000? Al does a little presentation on global warming, for the people that didn't see An Inconvenient Truth.

And we're done with the politically thoughtful moment and it's now back to the fluff!

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K. said...

Al Gore's probably relaxed and cool because he's not running for president.