Thursday, August 31, 2006

2006 VMAs: Because I have no taste

The Raconteurs are making a terrific, happy noise. Note to self: Get album.

Jack Black welcomes people back and Kyle Glass comes on dressed like a cheap-ass moonman. Jack tells Kyle that he's hosting -- not Tenacious D. Kyle says the band is famous because of him -- much like Jared Leto and 30 Seconds to Mars. Kyle stomps off.

Jessica Simpson is introduced as a humanitarian and a great woman. I wonder what parallel universe I've wandered into. Jessica comes on looking a little bit bloated and in a skin tight black dress. She talks about being unable to dance and flubs her lines. Apparently she can't talk either.

She presents the award for best dance video. The marquee when we cut back says "PANTS!" Hee. Pussycat Dolls wins for Buttons. A song I hate admitting that I like. Frankly, I wish that Madonna or even Nelly Furtado won. Nicole does her speech as the other girls look cute and act like backup dancers. Snoop Dogg and Wyclef look bored out of their minds.

One of the girls reads a speech from a sidekick. How much did T-Mobile pay for that product placement.

More Jack Black, who introduces Chris Brown. I feel old because I don't know who the hell he is. Chris Brown introduces OK Go, which did the great treadmill video for Here it Goes Again that blew up on You Tube (and MTV totally missed out on).

Seeing the performance live, on treadmills rules. They're not singing at all, but really, the performance is pretty damn cool. For a video that looked like it was made for about $1.50, that's one of the more original videos that I've seen for awhile.

And now commercials!


Amanda said...

I feel old for not knowing who Chris Brown is, too. Is he one of the guys who married Britney Spears?

Viv said...

Amanda -- apparently he's the next Usher or something like that. The guy who married Britney Spears is K-Fed. The less we talk about K-Fed, the better the universe is.