Monday, May 15, 2006

Why don't they release this for women too?

Brian let me know about this new product called the Philips Bodygroom. I do suggest you check out the Web site for do you say? Oh yes...BEEP! I'm still trying to decipher what the hell he's talking about when pictures of kiwi, carrots, eggplants, apples and a fruit basket pop show up.

My only other thought regarding the instrument of hairlessness is that I wonder why they don't release one for women right off the bat too. I mean, many women shave armpits, legs and down below, so this might be good for them. Goodness knows I'm a bit squirrelly about taking a razor blade to my *BEEP*. I mean, it wouldn't be that difficult. Just paint the damn thing pink or something, because apparently, that's what differentiates between men's and women's razors -- the color of the damned handle.

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