Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Thank you Stella!

After coming back from work today, I was delighted to find that my sister -- she who is cooler than me -- sent me a few b-day pressies:

Freakonomics, which looks to be a really cool book. I've been in a bit of a book drought lately. I've been picking through old Rolling Stones, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and other random things that I've read and re-read a billion times. So I'm looking forward to reading Freakonomics to say the least.

Wallace and Gromit -- a box set of the shorts and Curse of the Were-Rabbit! THE BUNNIES! I is dead from the cute. *thud*

Henry Rollins' Talk is Cheap, Vol. 1. I like the message that came with the CD: "To Crazy Aunt (Viv), I liked the look of the boy on the CD cover. He looked like he would be fun to hang out with. He makes faces like I do. Ba Ba Ja Ja Wah!!"

Told you my nephew was brilliant. Anyways, many thanks to my sister and her family for the presents. Much love to you guys.


Jon said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Dragonslayer said...

I thought Freakonomics was a great book. Hope you enjoy.