Saturday, February 11, 2006

How'd I become a fashion nerd?

Most people have seen how I dress, which is why I feel confident in saying that I am not a fashionista. If I go out, it's in jeans and a T-shirt in a aging-geeky-punker-meets-12-year-old-hopped-up-on-goofballs sort of thing. Keidra's heard me say repeatedly I refuse to go to any nightclub with a dress code (my view is that what I'm wearing shouldn't matter -- my money's as good at the Gucci wearing asshole next to me, so get me my drink bitch). Most of my wardrobe is from Old Navy or Christmas presents. When pressed about it, my response is pretty much "I don't care."

And I don't. I don't care about how I look. You're lucky I'm wearing pants as I type this.

But I've become ADDICTED to Project Runway -- and a result of that, as well as Katie and Eva -- I'm becoming a fashion nerd. I've come to one conclusion -- Just because I HATE dressing up doesn't mean that I can't appreciate a nice piece of clothing or someone dressed well.

Fuck, I can't ice skate, but that doesn't prevent me from appreciating the Winter Olympics.

Anyways, thanks to this show, I've now figured out stuff that I would buy in a heartbeat that looks good and doesn't defeat my main goal in life -- to be as comfortable as possible.

Take for example Andrae's jersey dress for Niki Hilton (bitch is blind for not appreciating the simplicity and beauty of the design) -- it's cool looking, sexy and something I would totally wear if I had the body for it. It's a dress I WANT my friends to buy and wear, because I think it looks fantastic.

The other dress, which I have a feeling I could make myself is Kara Janx's kimono dress. It's another thing of simplicity, comfort and elegance. I can see wearing this outfit casually and to dress it up. And for the price she's charging, I better be able to do whatever the hell I want with it. Too bad it's not in my size.

As much as I think Santino should be bitch slapped for talking smack about my girl and fashion nerd, Diana, he does have some interesting stuff. But I think that's why I like them both -- they both have some really interesting ideas about fashion and clothing. I just think that Santino's a dick sometimes, whereas I really would love to hang out with Diana and Chloe.

But admittedly, I like seeing some of the high fashion stuff -- even if it's along the lines of "I would never wear that shit." I mean, Galliano's collection -- inspired by the French Revolution -- has been fascinating for me in a train wreck kind of way. I like seeing stuff like that, because it confirms to me that while I might not have taste, other folks don't either.

Unfortuantely they get paid a shitload more than I ever will. But then again, would anyone want a fashion line from me consisting of kitty-eared winter hats and pajama pants? I didn't think so.


Eva said...

I'd buy a kitty-eared hat! ^_^

K. said...

Great post! What a wonderful recap of the season so far! And hey, I think you have great fashion taste that you are selective about putting into regular use. You break it out for the special occasions!