Thursday, February 09, 2006

Forget the music, what about the fashion?

Yesterday, I forsake Project Runway (NICK WAS ROBBED I'M TELLING YOU! ROBBED!) to watch the Grammys with Katie. I'm glad my boys (aka U2) swept the award show, but frankly, it was a hell of a lot of fun to snark on the following fashions:

Isn't it nice that Teri Hatcher decided to wear something from Project Runway's Daniel Franco's Lovemaking lingerie line? It looks like she just rolled out of bed and ran to the awards show because she was late or something.

We all know that Madonna looks fabulous for 47 and is a fashion icon, but is support hose, a leotard and corset really the next big thing?

Kayne apparently stole his sunglasses from Kool Moe Dee.

One outfit I have to say that I liked was Fiona Apple's:

I can't explain why. Maybe it's because on Fiona it looks classic mixed with crazy, but in a good way. She's the type of girl who can rock the vintage look and make it look cool, not dowdy.

As for the performances, I don't remember much, except that U2 and Mary J tore shit up with One. Some people don't like her version, but I adore it. Takes a song that sounds weary and bitter and puts some heat and rage behind it. Anyone who can match Bono performance-wise deserves props in my book.

Oh, and Coldplay sounded like the U2 tribute band. Will someone either shave Chris Martin's white-boy fro, or punch him for me?


K. said...

"Kayne apparently stole his sunglasses from Kool Moe Dee."

If only he looked as cool. WILD WILD WEST!

Jon said...

Seriously. Who refers to Kool Moe Dee anymore? This made my day... and stuck WWW in my head...

Eva said...

Yesterday I spent a half our looking a fashion related books on Amazon (and adding them to my wishlist). They all looked so neat and inspiring!

Then I came to the (slightly horrifying) realization that watching Project Runway is making us Fashion Nerds! o.O

Eva said...

woo! our = hour!

QuietlyGoingMad said...

I vote for punching Chris Martin until he overcomes that whiney-ass voice o'his.

Great, now I have Big Pimpin' & WWW in my head!

Mary J ripped it UP with U2--I lurve that gooseflesh inducing version!

Katie said...

You forgot about Gwen's Tarzan dress. I never did figure out what was up with that. She *did* in fact design it for herself. Now the big question seems to be "why did it mysteriously fade to *Green*????"

Shasta MacNasty said...

See...I liked Gwens dress. She's looking fabulous preggers.

There's absolutely no hope for Kanye. In any way, shape, or fashion.

And Madonna? I was too busy marveling at her body and the awesome disco moves to notice what she was wearing. I did want those Solid Gold Dancer shoes. Word.

One more thing: I'd be very amused for it to be the fashion rage for white men to sport afros. :::internally cracking up at the thought:::

Viv said...

Shasta --

I don't disagree that pregnancy agrees with Gwen (and maybe now she can stop whining about wanting a baby), but the dress -- the fading into the green on the bottom was just odd. And for me, the leopard print thing is getting a bit much. That gown in a solid color would've looked probably better in my mind.

Madonna -- for me it's more like, I get it, you're hot, stop waving your ass in my face.

But I'm old and mean.