Sunday, March 13, 2005

Under pressure *cue Queen music*

I'm starting to think that cloning is an excellent idea. In a week, Jeff and I will be winging our way to China with my mom for two weeks of touring around the country. While I'd normally be fretting about planes crashing, getting arrested as a freedom fighter and other irrational thoughts, I'm too busy focusing on other things. I don't want to name them all because if I do, my brain will explode. Most are work related (six tasks that need to be done by Friday that normally would be due while I'm gone). It wouldn't be so bad if I had time to do them -- instead of going on vacation. That's on top of the packing, organizing, making sure my underwear is clean and packing an anti-boredom kit.[/whine]

It's all pretty exciting. I'll get to see my sister and her husband for a few days in Cali and then we're off to the motherland. *snerk* I'm sorry, I don't see going to China as a big return to my heritage. While there's certain things culturally that I share with China, I'm not expecting a big "conversion" feeling to wash over me and for me to start shouting, "THIS! IS! MY! LAND!"

Fuck. I'm from Milwaukee. Native Chinese people can tell that. When I was in Taiwan, the natives would often say "You're so big! How'd you get so big?"

I'm from Wisconsin. They grow people big over here. I mean, I'm from the fattest country in the world and one of the fattest states in the fattest country. If I wasn't big, the cows wouldn't have done their job right.

The one thing I'm looking forward to is Tian'anmen Square. I remember the 1989 student protests and how badly they ended. That's another reason why I can't do the *motherland* bit with China. I remember seeing the tanks roll on TV when I was 13 and how it disturbed me for some reason.

During an IM conversation with Keidra, she asked me if I was going to send e-mails or post to my blog.

"I doubt it," I said. "I don't know if I will have access to a computer and I don't know if I'll be able to post everything that I want to without getting arrested."

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