Saturday, March 12, 2005

Get swept away with the passionate snickering!

I used to read romance novels a lot when I was a teenager. I will flatly admit that I read them for the sex scenes rife with "throbbing manhood" and "turgid maleness." Hell, I got so good at it, I could instantly find the sex scene just by flipping through the pages.

It was safe porn for a teen girl -- I mean, I was reading stuff right? It was educational, right? Who am I kidding?

Anyways, some of the best stuff was the covers and the models bent around in strange positions. The titles were also wonderfully bad -- "Simply Sensual," for example. Obviously, these things were ripe for parody.

Thank heavens for the Internet, because someone's done some parodies! Longmire does Romance Novels brought back a lot of memories of my teen years as well as a bunch of hysterical giggling. Good times. Good times.

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Amanda said...

One word: BWAH!