Thursday, March 10, 2005

Mmmmm....feel the heat from the flames.

With Fametracker's announcement that the forums are ending (and the mods who have decided to let the patients run the aslyum) everyone's going nuts on the forum boards. Right now the lead mod, Wing Chun, is battling it out with Jesus and God for the top three position.

Unlike some of the people there who are airing their grievances, I don't have much beef with the mods. I didn't post much, lurked a lot and tried to write well. The thing that I liked about the FT boards was that it was well written and funny -- especially the movies section.

Ah well. Everything comes to an end. And right now I think it's almost fitting that a website devoted to snarking on celebrities has turned on itself.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

And the Forums couldn't even hold out for the entire weekend.

Um, you guys? It's just a website. Calm down, for the love of God.