Thursday, November 18, 2004

Make me lose my lunch

Destiny's Child is back! And their new video for Lose my Breath is like a mix of Beat It and U2's video for Elevation (which had the good U2 and evil U2 -- frankly, they should NEVER work with video director Joseph Kahn), but with three different Destiny's Childs. And they're all Strutting! Shimmying! Booty shaking!

To be honest, I'm more disappointed in the video than anything else. Tina Knowles continues to make outfits that a drag queen would go, "no thanks, that's a bit much for me" for her daughter and friends. With the old-school drumline in the background, I was hoping for something along the lines of a high school/college drumline thing on a football field. For fuck's sake, they're from Texas -- the only place that rivals Wisconsin for football fanaticism. A drumline and football field would've been awesome.

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