Sunday, November 14, 2004

The indoctrination didn't work

Many thanks to Keidra and Raizel for hosting me this weekend at their swanky new pad that has a shower that works (the old one would take my request into consideration ... and get back to me later). Whenever we get together, it's always a good time -- booze, snarking and good food.

And I now know for a fact that an auslaise reisling is the sweetest wine. Thanks lady at the German deli!

Anyways, I had a higher purpose for the visit (besides hanging out talking politics, music and random other things) -- getting the damn Sean Bean brainwashing done and over with.

Bit of background: For the past few months, I've been trolling Fametracker's forum boards reading random stuff. One of the more interesting discussions is regarding actor Sean Bean and when I say interesting, I mean in that "Wow, how can one Brit induce so much lust in so many people?" sort of way.

In any case, after reading the forums, I sort of got a crush on the damned character actor who's known for making shitty movies, doing voice overs, and dying at every since chance he's got. It doesn't help that Keidra's also got a crush on him and so it rubbed off a bit.

I thought this weekend would be the beginning of the Bean fandom -- nope. Nada. Nothing. Zilch. Zip. Zero. I guess I have "ovaries made of stone" to quote a Fametracker poster.

Oh we tried -- I watched Sharpe's Regiment -- the series is apparently is teh pinnacle of Hotness for teh Bean. Besides the fact that it looks like it was made in 1981, but was made in 1996 and has approximately 12 Napoleonic reenactors for ALL of the battle scenes, it was alright, but not squee inducing for me.

I also watched Goldeneye, which is a damn fine Bond flick. I think it's a bit tighter than some of the later Brosnan Bond films. Much to Keidra's horror, the only villain that got my attention wasn't Bean's 006 (even though he had some wonderfully lecherous expressions), but the computer geek Boris, played by Alan Cumming.

"What does it say about us that I'm into the evil megalomaniac and you're the one into the computer geek?" Keidra mused during the weekend.

It was a valiant effort. This isn't to say that I find the Bean repulsive -- he just doesn't do it for me. The whole experiment made me realize the power of peer pressure and how it messes with what we see as attractive and not attractive. Maybe that will explain how the hell Ben Affleck was named People's Sexiest Man Alive in 2002.


K. said...

I'll ignore the Sean Bean/Ben Affleck comparison. Because that's just ... wrong. But different strokes, I say! Not ovaries of stone, but The Power of the Geek is just too strong for ya, because I actually *get* Alan Cumming, but not as a hawaiian shirt wearing dork ;) Sean Bean is actually very different from the well-manicured Jude Law/Christian Bale types that usually float my boat, and a lot of that has to do with the acting. He does ambiguously evil/fatallly flawed macho man reeeeeal well. I'm a sucker for that.

I had a lot of fun! We *must* get together again soon.

K. said...

You know, I just read a page of the Fametracker Sean Bean thread. Those chicks are hard core Bean fangirls. They are scaring me, and I'm scary.

BTW, why did you not tell me that they actually *show* his horrible death in Henry VIII? Jesus, I'm sick of him dying in everything I see him in! I'm sticking to Sharpe, low production values and all.

Viv said...

I'm not saying that Bean and Affleck are the same on the attraction scale -- merely that it's funny seeing how peer pressure can tell a person that someone is hot when it doesn't match their normal tastes.

Bean's also a cool actor -- don't get me wrong. I mean, he's got very subtle facial expressions that are fun to watch. He was pretty cool in Henry VIII -- kinda thuggish, but not enough to outsmart Henry VIII.

And you should know by now, Bean will die in pretty much 90 percent of his roles. The death is messy, but I wasn't surprised. I kept muttering, "dead man walking" when I saw him. The death didn't register for me because (1) He always dies in movies and (2) I was more impressed with the thug-style meeting between Aske and Henry than the death.

But he's shirtless! You can be happy about that.