Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Torn between two lovers . . .

I've been humming this tune ever since I got Sims 2 -- which satisfies all of my lustful longings for little soap operas and paper dolls to mess with. Jeff, the darling dear, picked it up for me this week and I actually had time to sit down and play with it today.

Sad thing is that well, I'm still in the throes of my City of Heroes addiction. It's tough choosing between bashing heads in and beating up the slime of Paragon City or trying to get my little Jeff and Viv to hook up (I made the mistake of making them roomies instead of spouses).

I've always been fond of The Sims. It's like a little soap opera gone that I have complete control over and now, it's a hell of a lot prettier. Not to mention the goals are a nice way of keeping the game in check and running smoothly. The options for creating your own Sims is also quite nice. While I didn't get lil' Jeff and lil' Viv looking exactly the same, I got it close enough to how I think we should look -- that is pretty much the only similarity is that the lil' ones have glasses and the same hair and eye color. Heh. They're my damn Sims and I'll make them as attractive as I want them to be.

Now I'm toying with the idea of creating everyone I know and planting them in Pleasantview to interact with the Goths and other folks.

Tough choices. I can't have both running at the same time, lest my computer throw up all over the place, but I also want to indulge my superhero side also. *sigh* I figure that the Sims attraction may die down a bit -- and there's nothing like interacting with your friends online -- but for now, you might find me playing with my little dollhouses.


K. said...

Well that's not nearly enough detail to satisfy me. I WANT MORE!! Tell me about the houses! (how many floors can you build?) Can you still change their clothes? Can still still accidently set themselves on fire? What are Sim pregnancies like? (Can gay Sims finally have babies?) What's up with the Goth family -- is Cassandra still funny lookin'?

I will needle you incessantly until I get tons of details! MMMWWWAAAAAH!

Anonymous said...

If you don't play City of Heroes, it'll make Jack Emmert cry, and he'll forget that pants are not the solution, and we know what dark path that leads to.

And then Shane Hensley sends out the Horsemen to collect your worthless shell of a computer, since you obviously won't be needing it any more, and gives it to someone who pre-orders CoV.

Also, your friends would miss you. =)