Saturday, March 28, 2009

Monthly report: 21st month -- Future advice

Dear Benevolent Dictator --

Last Saturday, you turned 21 months old. If that was years, you'd be old enough to drink. And get disapproving looks from your parents about that beer bong you did, the picture that was taken and the fact that you posted it on the latest social networking thing. Don't be surprised if I join that thing (Facebook? Twitter? Cerebral implants?) just to lecture you about how silly it is to put that online for EVERYONE to see and it wouldn't kill you to call your old mom and dad once in awhile to let us know you're alive.

Anyways, you spent that day with Po Po and Nai Nai while your dear mum whooped it up with her friends K., Sid, Christina, R. and others in Chicago doing Karaoke. I'd be lying if I said I was really beat up and depressed about leaving you behind. I did miss you, and as my friends can attest, I talked about you A LOT. But pine? Not really.

I do love you dearly and would gladly step in front of a bus to save your life (Well, maybe not gladly, but I would do it), but one thing you will learn as you grow older is that good friends are essential to a sane and happy life. Your father is one of my good friends. But sometimes, you need good friends who you can tell bawdy tales to that feature the love of your life.

You've met K. before and forced her to read books to you. She's been my friend for about 10 years now and important one. It's important to keep your good friends around. Multiple places for advice (besides family) is important. It pains me to type this, but sometimes what I think is best for you may not be the right thing for you. Thus, several trusted sources to offer you advice and put your ego in check are valuable.

I see that now with you as you start to realize that other short people are around who may have the same interests as you. Or at least the toys that you want to take from them. Right now it's more of battling between the different kids as you realize that despite what everyone tells you and what you may thing, YOU ARE NOT THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE.

Fortunately, you seem to be taking it in stride. You do share with others and enjoy people's company. You are empathetic, asking me at times if I'm happy or sad. And when I answer honestly and say sad, you give me hugs, which is very sweet. You also have a rather odd crush on one of our friends who is a college student and quite tall and not terrible looking.

I hope you will always remain this happy and composed when things don't go your way. Even though at times you do get upset when something is taken away from you or people hurt you, you're quick to recover, which is nice.

The other day I was talking with one of the neighborhood kids as we walked around and she was telling me about how she gets teased sometimes and how it hurt. In a way, it felt like I was prepping for the future. I told her basically the same thing I will tell you: "Not everyone will like you. And that's alright. The key is to be able to not give those people the power to make you feel bad."

And also, don't forget that you have people who love you very much and will always stand by you and offer good support. To hell with the haters. With good friends and family, you'll be able to rise up over anything.



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