Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Conversations with the neighbor's kid

The Scene: My neighbor's sandbox. Benevolent Dictator, a neighbor's four-year-old kid and I are sitting in the sandbox playing around. Benevolent Dictator is throwing sand like confetti and it lands in her diaper. My feet are buried in the sand and the four-year-old is poking at the sand with a toy shovel.

Me: So you're in preschool? How's that going?
Kid: Fine.
Me: What do you do?
Kid: Sing songs, play games.
Me: Can I go too?
Kid: *giggles* No.
Me: Why not?
Kid: You're too old.
Me: Aw. But I like to sing songs and play games.
*silence as we play in the sandbox for a bit and Benevolent Dictator attempts to eat sand*
Me: What do you think grown-ups like to do for fun?
Kid: I dunno. Make supper?
Me: *Moment of silence, considers answer and then tried to suppress a laugh* Well....that's kind of accurate.

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