Tuesday, August 19, 2008

In which my inner 15-year-old hijacks my brain

Back in April, I wrote a critique of NKOTB's single "Click, Click, Click" in which I said that the cynic and the 15-year-old in me were battling for supremacy.

Well. I saw this video and apparently the 15-year-old has won.

Logically I know that Donnie's rap isn't the greatest. I know that lines like "I don't deserve you," normally make me want to slap the singer and tell him to get his shit together. I know it's another pop song that covers the same worn territory.

But then I saw this video. And yeah, the 15-year-0ld has won. I like the song despite the cynic muttering in me. I like Donnie's rap. I think that what I like is that in a weird way, this is the kind of thing Jeff tells me everyday -- only set to a R&B beat.

Who would've thunk that my marriage would be like a pop song and not something written by Rob Zombie or NIN?


QuietlyGoingMad said...

Is it wrong that I want my future, possibly could happen marriage to be with Rob Zombie?

K. said...

I can't watch this, but I am glad to see your inner 15 year old winning on this.

And there are plenty of marriage- appropriate NIN songs, I'll have you know.

Viv said...

Michelle -- If you marry Rob Zombie, I'm so there! Where would you register at?

K. -- Why the hell are you happy to see my inner 15-year-old win? Good lord, she's got weird-ass taste in music (but she agrees with me on Donnie's sunglasses).

And name five NIN songs that are marriage-appropriate and tell me why! I DARE YOU!

K. said...

Your inner 15 year old has amusing taste. And she is enthusiastic.

NIN songs are known for not having a set interpretation (Trent will never let on) but this is what I get out of these songs.

1.)We're In this Together: About sticking with someone no matter what.
2.)The Fragile: Loving a damaged person, and giving them the strength to go on.
3.)Beside you in Time: Being reunited with a lost love
4.)Home. Finding home in a person (people? family?) rather than a place.
5.)Please (probably not appropriate the healthiest relationship in the world, but above craving someone beyond all logic and good sense.

I did this in less than a minute.
NIN: It's not just Closer, people.