Monday, July 14, 2008

Random five things

1. I think I've given birth to a food critic. During my grandma's 95th birthday party, Benevolent Dictator discovered she likes Peking Duck, steamed buns and other goodies. Thank the heavens she likes Chinese food. I'd be sobbing if she didn't. She's also shown fondness for my homemade mac-and-cheese casserole. BD also apparently doesn't care for overcooked chicken or soft broccoli. At least she also likes tofu.

2. I've been stewing on the fact that I've become more domestic now that I'm home with the girl (and somewhat-on-but-mostly-off freelancing). I've planted more flowers in a weed spot, pulled weeds, cooked more and am trying to keep our house in a somewhat orderly fashion. It's not terrible. It's the "someday" stuff that I always fantasized about doing when I was pulling a 15-hour-day at work.

However, I am not a Martha Stewart. I've figured that if I'm now Hestia, this goddess is a martini-swilling, snarky smartass who sometimes wonders how the fuck she got here, and really, is kinda happy about it.

3. The neighborhood kids are a stitch. They adore Benevolent Dictator and are happy to help keep an eye on her while I do yard work. I think I have some babysitters set up for life.

Overheard from one of the kids, when asked what their friends were doing. "They're in my house playing little kid games." Mind you, the person saying that was seven.

4. More baby stuff -- Benevolent Dictator is doing proto-tantrums now. Whenever she's angry, frustrated or tired, she falls flat on her face and lays on the ground. Now she's moving along on the ground, her forehead pressed on the floor. I have no idea if this is normal, but it doesn't seem to be harming her, so I'm not too worried about it. Yet.

Her metamorphisis into Naomi Campbell is almost complete.

5. OK. I lied. I only have four things. The well is now dry again. I'm up for some directed inspiration. Dear readers, you tell me what to write about.

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Kathleen said...

Oh man, I used to do that crawling-with-the-forehead-rubbing-across-the-carpet thing ALL the time when I was a tyke. I've seen other kids do it too so I think it's totally normal. Heh, I'd forgotten about that weird habit...