Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The post where K. does a happy dance...

Because I'm not dragging her to the NKOTB concert like I originally threatened.

Instead, I'm going to the Milwaukee show with my friends Heather, Jenno and Abby. The cool thing about this is that I'm going with two friends who are fans and Jenno's along for a fun ride. And they know my sense of humor, so they'll forgive me for being a smartass, while going "SQUEE!" at the same time.

We actually got some decent seats for the price -- lower level. A little farther away than what I'd like, but really, it's not terrible. It's not nosebleed and it's not the main floor back row, so when everyone stands up, you can't see shit.

This whole thing has been funny -- since the reunion was announced, it's like NKOTB fans are coming out of the closet or something (Come on out! It's less stuffy!). I never knew Heather and Abby were fans until recently -- and their enthusiasm has been pretty infectious. Given our music tastes now (for me, pretty much punk, 80's new wave, techno and industrial), it's kind of funny to imagine all of us as teeny-boppers swooning over the guys.

I think that Abby's husband, like Jeff, is trying to pretend that all of this never happened. It's like how you pretend past relationships don't exist when you're in the current one. It's like we're all giggling kids again (Abby said that all she needs now is a Popple and a Transformer and her childhood is complete. I now want a Popple.).

All said, I'm looking forward to this flashback of musical cheese even more now. Who knows? Maybe I'll even make a South Park t-shirt of the guys for my own amusement. I might even crimp my hair.


Jennifer said...

Seriously...how could I NOT go on this? And I'm not even remotely allowed to laugh as you go "SQUEEE!"....seeing as you let me do enough of it with Alice and Whiskey Falls (damon....Squeeee! hahahaha!)

Now...you'll just have to lend me NKOTB music so I can prepare myself....and get "Right Stuff" stuck in my head forever! And, undoubtedly, I know MANY more songs that I realize. :-)

Abby said...

lol. Hillarious entry. Don't forget the castle of Greyskull! omg. And I didn't even realize until I read your article, and then joe told me that I AM a fan. *shutter* My inner child is currently winning over at the moment. Although the Wii and action figure collection has something to do with it too. And for the record, I now currently listen to all kindsa hipster music I've been getting from work. Of course there's some punk, goth, new wave and industrial in there too.

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