Saturday, May 10, 2008

Finetune Friday -- the RETURN!

After Jon announced the end of Finetune Friday, the regulars suggested taking up the mantle and doing it round-robin style, with each person suggesting different themes.

Since no one has said anything, I figured I'd just toss out June's theme right now (I might not have access to cool graphics, but I have access to Google):

This month it's about dads in honor of Father's Day. Dads we love, dads we hate, bio-dads, baby daddies, father figures (Oh baby) and maybe even the dads we wish we had instead of the ones we got.

The rules are simple -- get a FineTune account, and create a 45 song playlist from the library that ties in with the theme somehow. On the first Friday of the month, you post your playlist on the blog (and hopefully a link to the other participants).

If you're interested, drop a comment here or when the list is completed and we'll link to each other's lists. I'm also expecting a frajillion versions of Father Figure for this month.

Thanks for playing -- and let your friends know too. This is too much fun to let it go to waste.


QuietlyGoingMad said...

Awesome! Thanks Viv, for taking on the first of the round-robin FTF tour!

Jon will now live on in infamy!

Jon said...

You are awesome!

Christina said...

Mine is up on my site.