Monday, September 25, 2006

Happy Birthday U2 (and Zonk)!

So, today's a very important day for two things:

1. It's Internet Personality Zonk's 26th! Happy birthday you Internets celeb you! I hope that you have a very happy birthday filled with good presents, food and merriment with family and friends.

2. It's U2's 30th birthday! They're about as old as I am (well, technically I'm older). I think that one of the things that I do respect about the band is how four friends, who met in high school, achieved the platonic ideal -- having a band that's lasted without any line up changes and has remained relevant for the entire 30 years.

While Henry Rollins may lambast them, Keidra may roll her eyes and my friends may think I'm crazy, I still love the boys. May they continue to make music that isn't infested with bling, eyeliner, children's choirs or pretentious dancers and outfits that resemble a bad Victorian goth play (that was the POP era. They're allowed one pass here and there).

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