Saturday, September 23, 2006

And your blood's depleted to the point of stable glue....

That's what's been running throughout my head for the past two weeks or so. While my days haven't been as crazy as Amanda's 75 hour weeks, it's been busy as hell. I've had to take work home on the weekends (on top of the 40-plus hour work weeks) and it's been keeping me busy/crazy.

It doesn't help that Jeff's in the same boat, so we're both stressed out to the n'th degree. The weird thing is that some of the stuff keeping me busy/crazy isn't work (which is the normal thing that keeps me crazy/busy), but something I signed up for that's a lot of fun. Problem is that it'd during the weekday nights (which at times are already filled with work), so I feel like I'm hitting a wall by Thursday. It's been a lot of work/home/sleep/work/home/sleep routine, so I feel rather isolated and going slowly mad.

Realistically, I know it'll get better in bits and pieces, but right now the urge for a vodka and pomegranate drink is more seductive than anything else. And right now, I think I'll obey that urge. *hic*

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