Sunday, July 09, 2006


So Keidra and I were online last night, chatting in our usual fashion about pop culture and upcoming movies, when she dropped the news about the Transformers live-action movie.

"I can miss Transformers. It scares me simply for the words 'Michael Bay,'" I remember writing to her.

But later, I got even more bad news: "mmm I hate to break it to you..." Keidra wrote, and then sent me this.

A fucking Voltron movie is in development. I already know it's going to suck ass. I know it's going to start the teeny-bopper du jours and it's going to be horrible.

Damn you Hollywood *shakes fist* Keep your filthy paws off of my childhood memories!


QuietlyGoingMad said...

they're all about tainting our love aren't they, those nasty hollyweird bastids!

Dragonslayer said...

Once they destroyed The X-Men, I knew nothing was sacred