Monday, July 10, 2006

I'm starting to love Snarkfest...

if anything, for the "Psychotic Fans" thread.

Thanks to this thread, I've discovered the strangest merging of Keidra's fandom:

Sharpe/Dr. Who slash fic.

My brain nearly exploded from trying to ponder the world's most heterosexual slut sleeping with a time-traveling doctor, then I found this link:

Rick Santorum/Bill First slash.

I nearly sprayed my mac and cheese dinner all over the laptop screen.

Edited to add: OK. Me and my penchant for pain, I had to try reading the Sharpe/Dr. Who slash thing. I got to the sentence, "He'’d always thought it was something never to be alluded to, this sometime desperation that overtook the men at times of great peril, when they were stuck out in the middle of bleedin' nowhere and they thought they were going to die," and my brain tried to eject itself from my skull. I couldn't take it anymore. It just scared the living bejeebus out of me.


K. said...

Oh. My. God. I am so frightened... and yet ... so intrigued by this.

K. said...

Just read it. Aaaaaagh! My eyes!