Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hello? Is this blog on? *cricket chirp*

Sorry I haven't written in a bit. Again, no good excuses. I think that I've just been busy at home, dealing with random crap as well as several writing projects alluded to before. Therefore, I've been pretty quiet lately.

I'd write more about Puerto Rico, but the muse is busy focusing her energies elsewhere, so I think all I have to really say about that is this:

1. Las Vegas, located near El Yunque rain forest had probably one of the best meals I've ever had. Excellent fish prepared simply, good wine and Jeff's family creates a good fun meal.

2. Aricebo is a must for nerds. It's very impressive to see how big the telescope actually is. I just wish I could've seen the behind the scenes stuff.

3. I now like Coronas, thanks to Jeff's cousins and a hot beach with a nice surf.

4. El Yunque rules. It's something everyone should see.

5. Jeff's family rules. Having in-laws you like is a blessing in my book.

That's pretty much it. Back to my other writing projects....

1 comment:

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