Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Cuteness reigns supreme!

Last weekend, I managed to head back to home and see my sister, Rooster, Mom and Grandma. This visit was more successful than the previous visit, where Rooster was a little cranky.

This time, he was abso-fucking-lutely adorable. He's got a great little laugh, a throaty "He! He! He!" that makes me giggle also. I predict he'll grow up to be a heartbreaker -- he's really good at looking at people, smiling and then hiding himself in his mother's neck and looking shy.

We also went kite flying at the school by my mom's. That wasn't so successful. There wasn't a breeze and we weren't flying the kite. We were more throwing the kite in the air and running like hell to try and get it in the air, only to have it come crashing to the ground. At least Rooster got his nails cut.

The funniest thing I learned is that my sister (who was pretty slim and athletic to begin with) has gone down to a size eight, thanks to breastfeeding the little tyke. Maybe that explains the baby boom in Hollywood -- Kids are the ultimate accessory and they can keep you slim by sucking the nutrients out of you!

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