Friday, March 31, 2006

Happy Birthday Keidra!

Today is my partner in crime Keidra's birthday! She's one of the coolest people I know, with an uncanny ability to riff on anything from race, alternative media and politics to 80's old school East Coast rap, horrible movies and catty fashion ideas.

So in tribute to one of my best friends, I've decided to give her the beefcake edition of a birthday post. I've carefully picked out the hottest men that make her drool and squeal like a schoolgirl.

The first appetizer is Djimon Hounsou.

Second on the list is the Keif -- who's taken a moment to say Happy Birthday while saving the world:

And the third course is everyone's favorite Jedi! A bit younger than now, but you gotta admit, he's got a cute face.

For the finale, it's the man that consistently has my girl drooling. It's the same man that caused her to crack my jaw in glee when I gave her a DVD set of Sharpe when she bounced with glee and went in for a hug! It's the man who I tried to have a crush on, but it didn't work, because I was into Alan Cumming's computer geek in Goldeneye and I couldn't get over the mullet in the Sharpe movie we saw.

It's the one, the only......BEAN!

What? He's Bean. KIDDING! KIDDING! I tease because I love! Don't hurt me Keidra!

Love ya girl. I hope you have fun at your conference! And I owe you many, many drinks and good times when I see ya again!

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K. said...

*THUD* Thank you! What a great birthday present! The gift that keeps on giving!