Monday, February 06, 2006

Oh I feel dirty for watching this

Right now MTV's got on some really weird ass faux documentary about Game Killers, which takes the dating scene and turns it into some strange big game hunt where men can learn about the stereotypical obstacles to getting some.

Amusingly enough, the show was produced by Bartle Bogle Hegarty, the advertising agency behind Axe (you know, that stupid deodorant commercial that says that if you put Axe on, women will be ripping your pants asunder) as an hour-long commercial.

An article by Jack Myers Media Village had the following quote:

"We're all evolving into getting more sophisticated and more creative about the way that marketing messages might work in concert with programming, and actually enhance the programming and the content, and be very organic and very real. I think [Gamekillers] is one of those circumstances where it's a very different kind of relationship between the brand and the show than any kind of traditional good, or not so good, product placement," said John Shea, Executive Vice President, Integrated Marketing/Brand Partnerships, The MTV Music Group.

Interesting -- it's like we're heading back to the early days of television when shows were sponsored by a single advertiser. There's already product placement in shows -- witness the Tresemme mentions on Project Runway and the Gauntlet's mention of the T-Mobile Sidekick when they receive missions.

Frankly, if I'm not interested in the product, I'm not going to buy it anyways. Tresemme leaves my hair greasy and Axe just scares me shitless with the frat-boy mentality. Not to mention, I like my husband smelling clean, without cologne.

And the show? I'm kind of amused watching it in the sick way of, "If I was that girl, I wouldn't be acting that stupid," "I can't believe she's not seeing the game that guy's running," or "Are people really this dumb while dating? If so, I'm so damn glad I'm an old married bitch."

Are people in their early 20s really that stupid? If they are, I really don't see the human species surviving anytime soon.

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Eva said...

I'd like to weigh in as someone who is sure she wasn't that stupid in her early twenties.
That said, I'm betting the whole meat market dating scene is full of examples of shallow, not-too-bright folks.