Monday, April 04, 2005

What I learned while on Holiday: Introduction

After more than two weeks away from home, we've returned from our adventure in China. As I've mentioned before, some folks (that is Keidra) were asking me to post while I was on vacation. My response was that I didn't want to get arrested as a freedom fighter for lipping off too much about the government.

So the compromise is that I'd write in the journal, take pictures and post what occurred when I got back. I'm calling it What I Learned While on Holiday. I've already got some tips for people considering traveling to China.

1. Do go. The money exchange rate right now is obscenely favorable to the American dollar. Basically it's 8.2 Yuan to 1 dollar, which means you can get goods for cheap.

2. Bring toilet paper or disposable tissues. Many of the toilets don't have toilet paper and they're squat (which resembles a urinal jammed into the ground as opposed to the wall). On our tour, we got very good at labeling a western style toilet, that was clean and with toilet paper as a five star toilet.

3. Have spare dollar bills. It's good for bargaining with vendors.

4. If you don't know the language, take a tour. It's also a good way to meet new people. While Jeff and I were among the youngest in the tour (many were retired folks), it was still neat talking with different people about different things.

5. Purchase a lot of bottled water. You can't drink the tap water in China, but they warn you of that ahead of time.

That's all that I can think about right now. The upcoming entries (which should be occurring as I have time and such) will tell you more about the trip and I promise to have pictures also!

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Amanda said...

When I think of all the money I spent in England and see what the exchange rate is like in China, I want to cry.

But then, does China have Alan Rickman? I guess some things are worth the price.

Glad to hear you didn't get arrested. Now we don't have to worry about printing "Free Viv!" t-shirts.