Monday, April 04, 2005

What I learned while on Holiday: The flight

We arrived in Beijing after an 11 hour flight from San Francisco. Someone, somewhere must really, really like me because Jeff, Mom and I got upgraded to business class for the flight. I don't know why it happened, but it was good.

Business class is SWEET. There's two chairs to an aisle that recline to allow you to sleep. They also give you an obscene amount of food. This was the dinner menu (which I swiped from Air China):

Pepper Beef with Italian Dressing; pickled vegetables rolled in prosciutto ham tied; and Lobster Medallion and Shrimp (all three mind you, not just one).

Seasonal vegetable salad with thousand island dressing and a selection of bread rolls with butter

Main courses:
Herbed Crushed Lamp with Broccoli/Red Capsicum/Roesti Potato; Sir Fried Shimp in Chili Sauce with Chinese Greens and Steamed rice; or Chinese style duck with hoisin sauce, greens, shitake mushrooms and steamed rice.

Fresh fruit and your choice of Vanilla Bombe Cake, cheese and crackers or chocolates.

We also got a little package with slippers, sleep masks, ear plugs and other items. Each chair had their own TV set so you could watch a variety of movies such as Taxi (I know, I know...but it's an airline flight. What do you expect?)

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