Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Happy Birthday Alan!

Happy birthday Alan! Here's some notable stuff that occurred on the day that you were born:

The first liquid-fueled rocket is launched in 1926.
The Beatles release Can't Buy Me Love, furthering Rock and Roll's impact on the music world.
Roy Bean, the self proclaimed "law west of the Pecos" dies in 1903.
Francisco "Chico" Forster is shot to death on downtown Los Angeles street by his jilted lover, eighteen-year old Lastania Abarta. Amazingly enough, she's acquitted after a jury decides the argument from Dr. Joseph Kurtz that "Any virtuous woman when deprived of her virtue would go mad, undoubtedly."

I know you don't like celebrating it, but I'll toot a horn in your general direction anyways.
*singing off key*
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!
What a great day for your Birthday!

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