Sunday, February 13, 2005

Good news! The Grammys didn't suck too much.

Maybe it was because there was some good music this year, but the Grammys didn't blow as much ass as it could have. Maybe it was also the U2 performance -- but there was a lot of highlights for me.

The only two cringeworthy moments? One was the opening act with Black Eyed Peas, Maroon 5, Los Lonely Boys, Franz Ferdinand, Gwen Stefani and Eve. The songs separately aren't bad (except for Maroon 5), but put together, it was a mess of just discordant rhythms and ick. It was not chocolate and peanut butter. It was ass. I think it was supposed to be representative of the year in music, but well...yeah. It was ass.

The other one was watching Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony (ok, this was more schadenfreude than anything). I don't know what happened backstage, but what the hell with going on with J.Lo's dress? It looked poochy up in front -- like it was designed for a pregnant woman and then slapped on her. I wonder if she beat her stylist with a hairbrush after the performance in a diva fit.

Loved watching U2's Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own performance. That song is heartbreaking in a way and I love the hell out of the performance. It was also rather classy of Larry to apologize for the ticket fiasco fans went through with the presale of the concert. I hear that they're taking action, which warms my little U2-lovin' heart. I also felt bad for Edge -- apparently health problems are the reason for the delay in the start of the tour. They touched on it during their speech, but I respect the fact that they didn't dwell on it.

Green Day's American Idiot also rawked the house. Alicia Keys is a frightfully good singer and I was also pleased with the tribute to Southern Rock. Showing that I have a really wide variety in tastes, it was awesome to groove out to Lynard Skynard during the show.

Is it me, or is it sweet justice that Loretta Lynn got best country album? The single Portland, Oregon, is a great tune. Van Lear Rose was an album that they wouldn't play on country radio. I also adored the way she bullied Jack White around and how he kept calling her "ma'am."

I was originally upset that Maroon 5 won best new artist -- until I remember that category is normally the black hole for artists. If you win, you vanish into obscurity, never to be seen again. Let's hope it works its magic again.

Usher, I didn't care about. Kayne West's performance with Mavis Staples was pretty theatrical, but at the same time, not annoying for me. Strange that.

I also didn't mind the Ray Charles Tribute Night theme of the Grammys. The man was a fuckin' legend and admittedly, his last album is pretty damn good. But Ray is one of those guys who could sing the phone book and we'd all be enraptured by it.

The tsunami benefit single was also alright. It could've been worse, with everyone stepping on each others vocal toes. I also like that Beatles' song, which helps. But it was a bit weird to see the members of Velvet Revolver wearing suits and not the usual leather pants, T-shirts. They were also acting *gasp* sober! Very odd for me.

Oh, and Sheryl Crow had the worst outfit of the night. What the hell was she thinking? And why are her abs so scary looking?

All in all, a wasted evening, but a good night.

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Amanda said...

Oh, good God! What are J.Lo and S.Cro wearing?!

Honestly, don't these people look at themselves in the mirror before they leave for these sort of things? They know they're going to be photographed!

I've decided that if my acting career ever does take off and I find myself famous, I'm going to take my mom to all dress fittings. My mom has never pulled any punches when she thought an outfit has looked like monkeyshit on me. Thanks to her, I can look on my prom pictures without shame.