Thursday, January 13, 2005

Phantom of the Opera: Where the movie went wrong

OK, so the movie went wrong in so many places (and it was still funny as hell for the wrong reasons). But yesterday I had the chance to do a comparison between the stage show and movie.

We saw Phantom at the Overture Center (One of the most AWESOME performance spaces ever. It's bloody gorgeous, open, glassy and beautiful) with Alan and Eva. A good time was had by all, and it was interesting seeing Eva's reactions to the show (since that was the first time she saw it onstage).

Watching the stage show, I realized that something was really missing from the movie -- a sense of humor. Schumacher seemed to play everything a bit to straight in areas that could've used humor. Telling Piagni to lose weight, for example. The use of notes in the stage show is funny because you see Piagni's reaction. Not to mention, the correction of Piagni's accent with Rome -- "Not Roma -- Rome." -- and the word "tangled." Two areas of nice humor that the movie could've used, instead of reglating Piagni to being a midget's sidekick.

The stage version of Christine -- while passive -- had a bit more backbone than Movie!Christine! Scenes were cut out of Christine attempting to rip Carlotta a new one (good luck with that -- it's like sending a puppy against a pit bull) and her resisting the whole plan to trap the Phantom. Sorely needed in my opinion. Not to mention, the stage version of Point of No Return has a bit of horror and terror to it while the movie version seems to be all about teh sexxx.

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