Sunday, December 26, 2004

OMG! R U a boi or a gurl? WTF?

Being a member of the massively multiplayer online world (in this case, City of Heroes) does have its hazards. You've got griefers who live to make a player's life a living hell by stealing shit and acting like asshats. There's the people who are nice enough, but have no idea how to play in a group at all -- which can kill an entire group in a worst-case scenario.

And there's my favorites -- complete strangers who need to know if I'm a man or a woman behind the screen.

I got another one of those messages today from player. "OMG! That's such a cute costume. U better not be a boy!"

Who the fuck cares if it's a man or a woman? I don't care of it's a man, woman, Wookiee or sentient homosexual transgender chicken at the controls as long as you can play well and not chat too damn much.

For some people it might matter. I mean, the gaming world is notoriously laden with testesterone and the XY chromosomes. It does matter to me based on how the overall game is structured. For one example of the worst end of the gaming culture, see The Guy Game -- which mixes a bad trivia game with titties. That's where I'll take up the feminist flag and rip the industry a new one.

But for City of Heroes, I don't give a fuck. The player has more control over how they want their character to act and behave. While some people may desire the social aspect, I really don't need it. I'm there to play with friends instead of engaging in cybersex, chat or other stuff like that. If I wanted that, I'd play the Sims Online. I'm here to play dammit. And I don't care who's behind the keyboard as long as they can play.


Amanda said...

The Guy Game??? What is that crap?! Isn't that the game a tee is sueing because her underage breasts make an uncreditted appearance? Good Lord!

Remember the days when Mortal Kombat was the worst thing out there? *Sigh*

Anonymous said...

What gender was the person asking, I wonder, and what does that say about them? And let me guess; the costume in question was the pink terror?

Also: wookies and sentient homosexual transgender chickens? Uh oh, I sense another Viv Question on the horizon.


Viv said...

I think it's more socializing, but admittedly, I'm not there to be social. I'm there to kill shit. If I want to be social, there's gaming with my real life friends. And the costume wasn't the pink terror. It was Candi's normal costume only in Supergroup mode (grey and white instead of hot pink and white). As for the question -- I may need to think a bit about that one.